Raffaele Cabras aka MixYourShot joins Skylum Ambassadors team

Skylum Ambassador Raffaele Cabras

Hey guys! I am happy to announce a new collaboration today! I am joining the Skylum Ambassadors team. Skylum is the company behind the programs Luminar and AuroraHDR, that drastically simplified and empowered at the same time post processing with its advanced AI powered filters.

Post processing is a very important part of photography nowadays, but also a part that should not take us too much time away from photography in first place!

During several years of photography activity, I tested multiple software to find what I needed for my workflow and I also wrote image processing tools myself to help me in this process. A long way has gone from my first HDR program in 2013! Many new software solutions have emerged in the last few years, and Luminar was one of those that caught me already in its early stage of development.

Luminar has been a game-changer in my post-processing workflow and teaching approach. First of all, I could incredibly reduce the amount of time spent processing a photo, from hours to minutes. Time-consuming tasks like creating precise sky selections for local adjustments are now as easy as just moving a slider of the AI Sky Enhancer, and complex curves and histogram adjustments are now a simple swipe of the Accent AI Filter. Secondly, Luminar has so many filters to make colors and details pop in my photos! And it has never been so easy! And this comes with no subscription fees! Just buy it once, and use it forever!

Are you ready to give Luminar a try? Use the code MIXYOURSHOT at checkout to get a 10$ discount. If you have any questions just drop me a line in the comment section below ;)

Happy shooting!