Zhiyun Weebill gimbal video review (Master Package)

The Weebill is the new gimbal for mirrorless from Zhiyun that has many features that differentiate it from the competitors!

The main feature? The mini tripod at the base can be moved on the top part to make it perfect to record in underslug position! It's a such a big usability improvement that also helps to keep the size of the gimbal very compact. Is not all here! The gimbal features 6 modes: Pan Following, Locking, Follow, POV, PhoneGo, and the amazing Vortex (where the camera turns on the lens axe).

What about the cameras brand/model supported? Many, what I tried personally: Sony A7Riii, Sony A6300 and the ultra-new Panasonic Lumix S1R! All of them work with the gimbal software, in fact you can start video recording, take photos, change lens aperture and shutter speed and ISO settings directly from the gimbal! Two problems here that I need to mention: when you connect the A7Riii via the provided USB cable, the in-body sensor stabilization will be disabled... Strange uh? But there is a solution! Zhiyun just recently released a new Multi-Function USB cable that solves this issue! I've tried it already and it works! Is also allows to command the zoom (on supported lenses) directly from the gimbal!

The Master Package comes with some additional and very cool gadgets: a perfectly sized focus motor, a very nice customizable backpack, quick release system for the mini tripod mount (that allows to quickly change mounting position), a multi system belt! For all the details watch the video below! It's a in-depth review of all the Zhiyun Weebill Gimbal features ;)