AI to replace the sky in your photos? Luminar 4 will do!

AI Sky Replacement_1.jpg

Sky replacement is not usually an easy task, but the upcoming Luminar 4 version (will be released this Fall), will make it easy! Using Ai, it will automatically identify the sky, and replace it adapting the scene lights to match the sky tonality. AI Sky Replacement works by automatically detecting not only the sky, but also objects in the scene, so will recognise for example a tree, and make sure the new sky “passes-trough” the leaves.

Skylum just released a new video, showing how the sky replacement feature will work! Cannot wait to test it out!

In the video we see how enhancing the sky on a photo is a pretty straightforward and easy process: simply select the AI Sky Replacement filter from the filters catalog, adjust the camera amount slider, and next use the texture slider to select different skies. The fantastic news is that Luminar 4 will allow to upload our own sky images. So next time that you’re shooting a sunset, but the nice colors are on the opposite side of your subject, take a few shots of just the sky to test the replacement in Luminar 4 ;)

The AI Sky Replacement tool is one of the many AI tools that will be released with Luminar 4 this Fall, to be updated on the release date, signup with your email here.